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Adept MX Graphics is my small business which creates custom vinyl decals for motocross bikes. It serves as a vehicle for motocross racers and enthusiasts to represent themselves and their sponsors in a unique and stylish way. 



Adept positions itself as an elite motocross graphics brand. Adept prides itself upon artistic integrity and design elements exceeding aesthetic, unlike many large industry competitors. Due to its small status, Adept is able to provide each and every customer with a completely unique set of graphics, establishing an elite aura on top of badass-looking motorcycles.



The Adept logo relates to the complexity of pulling together all of the elements necessary for motocross decals — race numbers, names, sponsor logos, colors, and the strange format of motorcycle plastics — and represents the way that everything fits together in the end. Due to the market climate, the logo also needs to lead in terms of aesthetic and be cool in a modern, sleek way.


Every set of Adept graphics is custom made for the customer's needs and wants. No two sets are the same, and each is designed to stand out from the rest of the bikes at the track. The gallery below is a selection of my favorite Adept bikes over the years. The thin pink lines are dielines which show where the vinyl is cut to the shape of the plastics after printing.

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