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About Me

I’m a designer from Houston, Texas with a passion for precision and love for motocross and punk rock. I believe that everyone should ride a motorcycle at least once in their life and that everybody should own at least one hat that they really love. I've had old friends recognize me from down the street in random faraway cities by my ratty old purple KTM hat.

My lifelong obsessions with motocross and energetic music almost always serve as influences to my work, whether it's a subtle or strong impact. My ultimate career goal is to combine my passion for design with my motocross and music hobbies. I  have begun doing so with Adept MX Graphics, in which I create vinyl decals for motocross racing motorcycles and provide racers with the opportunity to represent themselves and their sponsors in a stylish and unique way.

I believe that successful design is always eye-catching, clever, humorous, or shocking so that the viewer engages with the work intently enough to receive its message. 

I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) in June of 2018.

To download my resume, click here.  

Feel free to get in touch using my contact page.

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